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1. Guide To Use Classes (A1, B1, D2 etc)

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PDF Guide To Use Classes (A1, B1, D2 etc)

2. Reference Requirements Information

If you wish to take a property on a leasehold basis, we will need to apply for references for submission to the Landlord of the property.

If the lease is to be taken in your own name, you will need to complete the "Bank Consent Form" and the "Personal Referees" forms.

If you intend to take the lease in the name of a Limited Company, then references will be needed on both the Company and the individual Directors of the Company. You will therefore need to complete the "Bank Consent Form" with the Company's bank details, and the "Company Information" form. You will also need to complete a "Bank Consent Form" and a "Personal Referees" form for each Director.

Please note that we make a charge to cover our costs in obtaining references, and will require a cheque in the sum of £99 (inc. vat) before we can make any application.

PDF Bank Consent Form

PDF Company Information

PDF Personal Referees

3. Guarantees And Rent Deposits

When taking a lease of commercial property it is standard practice for the Landlord to require some form of security. The type or amount of such security will vary depending on a number of factors, in particular the trading history and financial strength of the proposed tenant.

If the tenant is starting a new business the Landlord will inevitably require a substantial rent deposit, probably a minimum of 6 months rent, or, if the lease is being taken in the name of a Limited Company a personal guarantee from one or more Directors backed by personal bank references will be required.

Rent deposit terms are to be negotiated and agreed between the parties.

4. Stamp Duty Land Tax Calculator

The stamp duty land tax calculator provides the amount of liability of stamp duty land tax on lease transactions. Click here to go to the calculator. (nb: opens in new window)